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Motorcycle Tours in Eastern Europe


Best of Transylvania
Motorcycle tour

7 day tour, Cluj-Napoca (Transylvania) departure, from
€ 989.
A tour focused on revealing the essence of Transylvania. Departing from Cluj Napoca, one of Transylvania’s largest urban centres the itinerary ventures into the heart of the county offering rides trough picturesque villages, breathtaking scenery and important cultural centres. The itinerary is complimented by excellent accommodations meant not only to provide you with all the comfort but also to introduce you to the local culture and capture the specificity of the visited area.
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Best of Romania Motorcycle Tour
Guided Motorcycle Tour Europe

11 day, Cluj – Napoca (Transylvania) departure
from € 1649!

(code: Ro1.1.RoMo)

This Romania Motorcycle Tour takes you on some of the best motorcycle roads in Europe. Transfagarasan Road, Transalpina Highway, Transbucegi or Transrarau will all open their roads for you in an amazing Romanian motorbike experience. The itinerary is complemented with excellent accommodation, traditional food and drinks as well as breath-taking views.

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Morocco, the Gateway to Africa
Morocco Guided Motorcycle Tour

morocco-Guided Motorcycle Tours Europe 15 days guided motorcycle tours, Malaga, Spain, departure from €4029!
code: Tr 2.4. Ma.No

In these guided motorcycle tours you will ride yor motorbike from the picks of the Atlas Mountains to the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert and the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Therfore every day has a new discovery! This is the Gateway to Africa, this is Morocco!

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Best of Greece
Guided Motorcycle Tours Europe

greece-motorcycle-tours-bmw-rental-Guided Motorcycle Tours Europe 11 days guided motorcycle tours, Thessaloniki, Greece departure from € 2949!
(code: Tr2.4. GrSe)
Enjoy your Greek odyssey becasue this realm has been the birth place for democracy and a cradle of civilization. Great motorcycle riding on some of the best motorbike roads in Greece, all topped with traditional food and drinks, history, culture, nature, beaches, relaxation.

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Transfagarasan Road
Private Day Tour

transfagarasan-Guided Motorcycle Tours Europe 1 day private motorcycle tour, Turda (Transylvania) departure, from € 190!
Code (TR)

Experience riding The Best Road in the World – Transfagarasan Road in Romania. Cross over 830 small bridges and 27 viaducts on a road filled with hairpin curves. 6520 tons of dynamite were used in order for this road to be built. In conclusion: let's ride the bikes in this Romania Motorcycle tour!

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Romaniacs Adventure
Guided Motorcycle Tours Europe

romaniacs-Guided Motorcycle Tours Europe 6 day guided motorcycle tours, Cluj - Napoca (Transylvania) departure from €1389

Join us as we are following the Red Bull Romaniacs off road Competition in Sibiu. Hence an incredible Romania motorcycle tour completed with great motorbike rides in the area - a chalenge for every rider and an experience for any bucket list.
BMW motorbikes available to ride in this adventure. 

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Soft Enduro Guided Motorcycle
Tour in Europe - Transylvania

7 day tour, HB, Cluj-Napoca (Transylvania) departure,

(code: Tr4.1.RoEn)

Private motorcycles tour with first class, 4* accomodations and motorcycles rental included. Rides in Devil's Valley, Hell's Valley, and Ponorului Citadels and Turzii Gorges the most important natural reservations from Transylvania. Choose to travel as a couple or in a small group, we will build your holiday to give you a superb riding experience.
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Adventure Ride in Transylvania
Short Break

4 day Short Break, Cluj Napoca (Transylvania) departure, from € 569
 (code: Tr1.2.RoSh)

Enjoy an amazing Ride in Transylvania in this incredible four day motorcycle Short break in Dracula’s County. Enjoy riding some of the best roads in Europe such as Transfagarasan Road and Transalpina Road, crooked and challenging, perfect for a motorcycle getaway. 

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Halloween in Transylvania
on motorcycle

3 day Short Break, Cluj Napoca (Transylvania) departure, from € 479
(code: Tr1.3.RoHa)

Enjoy a Hell of a Ride in Transylvania in this incredible three day Halloween Short break in Dracula’s Realm. Push your limits and ride under Dracula’s Wings. Venture in Transylvania, the land of mysteries and legends.

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Motorcycle Riding Centre
Carpathian Mountains

7 Day Tour, Cluj Napoca (Transylvania) departure, from
€ 1539
(code Tr 1.4.RoRc)

Ride the most amazing motorcycle roads of Transylvania and enjoy the comfort of a 4* Hotel. Choose Turda as your riding centre and enjoy some of the best rides of your life.

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Hire a motorcycle in Transylvania

rental-bmw-650-gs-micRent a motorcycle BMW G650GS, BMW F800GS, BMWR1200GS, BMW R 1200GS LC or KTM 900 Adventure! Available in Transylvania from Cluj-Napoca, Turda or TarguMures (transfers to Budapest, Bucharest, or others cities on request).

Minimum age for rentals

For all machines, the minimum age is 21 yearsoldandholdafull, unrestricted motorcycle license.

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South Eastern Europe
Motorcycle Tour
east europe

18 day tour, Turda, Transylvania departure from € 6269
(code: Tr2.3.RoSe)
Eastern Europe reveals its best. Winding roads, reach culture, UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Adriatic Sea and delicious traditional cuisine. Ride the best motorbike roads of eight South Eastern European countries in an incredible 18 day motorcycle adventure!
Includes motorcycles rides: Romania, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia (FYROM), Serbia.
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North Eastern Europe
Motorcycle Tour

nord east tour

18 day tour, Turda, Transylvania departure from €6298 
(code: Tr2.4.RoNe)
Enjoy an amazing experience on the most enchanting motorcycle roads in North Eastern Europe. Ride the southern slopes of the eastern Carpathian Mountains, The Tatras – Poland alpine mountains and the twisty roads of the mighty Alps in Austria all topped with visits to Unesco World heritage sites and anintermezzo to some "No speed limits" German highways. 8 countries in an 18 day adventure.
Includes motorcycles rides: Romania, Ukraina, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Hungary.  
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Australia Encompassed
Motorcycle Tour

19 day tour, Darwin (Australia) departure, from AU$ 6490*/€4259 
(code:AUE/010914 )

Northern Territory, South Australia & Victoria Motorcycle Tour, One of the most “iconic” rides there is taking in some of Australia’s most recognizable sights!
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for more details! 



The Silk Road,
 China Motorcycle Tour 

Motorcycle Tours in Serbia Muntenegro Bosnia

15 day tour, Xining departure from € 6499
(code: Ch3.1.GCSr) 
Explore the legendary caravan route that connected Europe with Asia. 
Ride the Silk Road – a journey full of adventure and rich culture as we discover the most evocative cities. 
Twelve days of riding on- and off-road sections in order to discover the secrets of this ancient route. 
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On the footsteps of Gengis Khan 
China&Mongolia Sidecar Motorcycle Tour

12 day tour, Beijing departure, from €4149
(code: Ch3.2.GK)
Enjoy an epic ride in the hoof prints of the marauding hordes on a Classic Chinese Military Sidecar Motorcycle – Chang Jiang 750. Ride on the remote wastelands,rugged mountains and endless "steppes" of inner Mongolia and finally breach the Great Wall of China in the mountains north of Beijing. The capital is yours! A once in a lifetime adventure: riding, freedom, exploration,and generaly "getting messy". 
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Ethiopian Black Elephant Tour
West Africa Motorcycle Tour 
Motorcycle Tours in Serbia Muntenegro Bosnia

15 day tour, Adis Ababa departure from € 5120
(code: Et3.2.ArBe)
Explore Ethiopia on two weels. A unique trip to two of the least visited and accessible parks in Ethiopia: the Omo and the Gambela National Parks. A 3/4 skill level tour for off-road enthusiasts looking for a unique trip in one of the last remaining unspoiled corners of Africa. 
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Patagonia on two wheels
Chile&Argentina Motorcycle Tour 

Motorcycle Tours in Serbia Muntenegro Bosnia

17 day tour, Osorno departure from € 7069
(code: Ar3.4.MaPt)
Ride with us some of the most remarkable corners of Argentina and Chile, including Bariloche and its world-famous Lake Nahuel Huapi. You will experience the magic world of Patagonia, the cool breezes of the Lake Region and reach the end of the world, Ushuaia – the southernmost city in the world
Includes motorcycles rides: Argentina, Chile.  
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Motorcycle Tour in Ukraine
Crimea and Moldavia

11 days tour, departure Odessa, from € 2559 
(code: Ua2.4.RoMd)
Enjoy riding the best motorcycle roads in Crimea, visiting historical places such as the castle where Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin met to re-draw the map of Europe at the end of the World War II and the Nuclear Submarine Top Secret Base in Balaclava. Ride from the Seaside to the Mountain region crossing the ghost country of Transnistria, Republic of Moldavia famous for its tasty wines and Transylvania – with its mountain winding roads and vampire legends.
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for more details! 


Thailand Motorcycle Tour


8 day tour, Chiang Mai departure, from € 3049
The tour is centered on offering amazing motorbike rides in the jungles of Northern Thailand and visits to the Nai Soi Tribe where you can meet the famous long neck women. The BMW F800 motorbike will take you on wonderful roads such as The Loop of 1800curves and The Golden Triangle.
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Off Road Motorcycle Tour
Carpathian Mountainsyippee-mic-8

Explore trails, forests, hills, roaming places yet unseen in a 7 day off road motorcycle tour in the Carpathians. The tour is designed for off road enthusiasts starting to explore the beauty of enduro trails.

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Alquiler de motos BMW

Eastern European Vintage Bike Rally

aka Dracula Rally from Transylvania

Dracula RallyJoin Transylvania Rider’s Eastern European Vintage Bike Rally in Turda, Romania. We gather, every year, in July, to remember old times and enjoy the new ones!
Don’t miss Cheetah bike race on the salt track and Vintage bike street race on Turda’s streets - a competition founded in 1947.

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