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Tour code: Hu2.1RoMa
Departure: Budapest
Day by day itinerary
Technical description
Price & Departure
Special notes & info
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Love is in the air

Candle light dinner in Jonathan Harker Saloon - the main character in Dracula Novel, enjoy the same menu like Bram Stokers’s hero!
Night in traditional Maramuresan peasant houses - men in the kitchen baking pies and wives spinning the wool using the spindle!
Merry Cemetery - in Sapanta, unique in the world, owns its name to the vivid colours of the headboards on which are naively painted scenes narrating the biography of the deceased.
Make the acquaintance of the famous woodcraftsman Grigore Tulean, you will be introduced in the old and magic art of woodcarving.
UNESCO heritage - Voronet Monastery also known as the ‘Sistine Chapel’ of the East.
Torch light dinner at the mouth of an impressive cave - “Poarta lui Ionele” with live folk music!
Accommodate in Count Almasy Castle - the same Count Almasy who was the title character of the movie The English Patient.
In Medias make the acquaintance of a unique artist - the only one in the world that paints on spider web.
Aphrodisiac menu in an exquisite restaurant in Turda - Vampire’s Masculinity, Dracula Salad and of course a glass of strong red wine!

Day by day itinerary:

What makes this holiday special for a couple?

Warm welcomeDAY 1 Love is in the air!
Welcome in Budapest! Feeling 18 again? Now is your chance to prove it! You will be given a dyed egg. Make sure it stays unbroken all through the tour, after all marriage is just as thin as an egg shell and you'll see its worthy!
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Dacia Hotel in Satu MareDAY 2 Aristocratic reception in the land of mystery and legends!
Crossing the Hungarian plain is a unique experience; its vastness gives you that wonderful sensation that you're the only people on Earth, that you're just a small part of something so huge! No wonder it's called the Hungarian “Puszta” (wilderness)! Back to life in Satu Mare - an aristocratic reception for the two of you.
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Maramuresean Young CouplesDAY 3 Very merry day!
Let's go back to the roots and enter the charming land of Maramures! Top of the cake - The Merry Cemetery in Sapanta - will teach you with a lot of humour to enjoy every minute with each other! Tip: If you want to complete this day with a Maramuresan lunch, Casa Iurca is the best choice in matter of Maramuresan cuisine. Night in traditional Maramuresan country-inns: men will be in the kitchen making and baking pies for their wives (with a little surprise in them) while the ladies will learn how to spin the wool using the spindle. (read more)

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Crafstman Tulean with guests

Medicine for your souls!
To better catch the essence of this day you'll be asked not to wear a watch, to put aside your mobile phone, so you'll only have each other to concentrate! Love is the root of great things! Witness Grigore Tulean's passion for wood! A great experience for your soul - 2 of Romania's most impressive monasteries.Tip: In Moldovita you can even dare and try a monastic lunch! Sister Tatiana will be more than glad to be your host.
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Love doesn't  know  age

Strolling the streets.
You have planned a shopping session in Marginea, the famous black pottery centre. You'll mingle in one of the most interesting Russian bazaar-market in the Eastern Europe, famous for the hand made bride dresses! Tip: You cannot imagine how delicious the soup in bred, especially the beans one is! Try it for lunch in Suceava.
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Lazarea CastleDAY 6 The flavour of the old days!
The typical Hungarian - Sekler village of Lazarea will induce a noble attitude and welcome you in the imposing Count's Lazar Castle! Optional: You could even try count's Lazar menu; it's a pity to miss something as delicious as the “Castle Slice”- beef-nape, mushrooms and delicious cheese - a home recipe. The perfect end for this day is definitely the candle-light dinner in Jonathan Harker saloon where you'll enjoy the same menu like Dracula's novel hero! (read more)

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Casa Wagner Restaurant SighisoaraDAY 7 The old new world!
People in love do crazy things, but Dracula is definitely top of the list! Find out more about his desperate and legendary love story by visiting Dracula's Castle in Borgo Pass. You'll discover that Sighisoara, Europe's most beautiful, best preserved and still inhabited fortified citadel, is the most incredible romantic place on the face of the Earth! You'll feel like a princess and a knight while strolling the streets of the old citadel. (read more)

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Hunter Prince - a medieval fantasyDAY 8 Spice up your life!
Serenity and calm! In Medias you'll make the acquaintance of a unique artist - the only one in the world that paints on spider web! Keep in touch with Mother Earth - visit Turzii's Gorges! City tour of Turda, the birth place of the Unitarian religion, a town with a mystic air! A real treat for your dinner - an aphrodisiac menu - Vampire's Masculinity, Dracula Salad and of course a glass of strong red wine! Optional: Should you want to relax just take a massage a deux (for two)! (read more)

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My wife took this pictureDAY 9 Life in the country!
Rise and shine, from the depths of one of the biggest and impressive Salt Mines in Romania – Turda Salt Mines, visited in the morning. Enjoy for lunch a picnic in the middle of the wild nature, on the plateau of Turului Gorges. You'll be surprised how people in the country know to have fun - an evening full of life in a “Motzesc” village. You'll have a special torch light dinner with folk singers right at the mouth of a cave! (read more)

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DAY 10 Good bye my love, good bye!
Almasy CastelOradea, a city which preserves that old “belle époque” atmosphere will welcome you with its old and famous Varadinum Citadel. You'll definitely leave Romania with some regrets! Tip: Prepare for the Hungarian atmosphere! Try for lunch Gobe, a Hungarian traditional country-inn in Oradea, to taste some Hungarian recipes. A truly romantic journey - on the way to Count's Almasy Castle - you'll watch the movie “English Patient”- many scenes were filmed in this castle in Hungary. (read more)

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DAY 11 This trip really worked like a charm!
Depart for Budapest with a lot of memories.
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A wonderful experience for both of us. Everything was perfect, the places the people, the food. It was just what we needed, a holiday that really helped us as a couple. After 30 years of marriage and 3 kids, we really needed some time just for ourselves. I felt like a teenager, having candle lit dinners, walks hand in hand and exploring your beautiful Transylvania.

Kelly and Bryan Peterson, Nebraska, USA


Your guide Sorin Coldea, teacher and headmaster of a school in Sibiel, is also the owner of a charming country-inn.

It is a real pleasure for me to guide such a holiday for couples. It provides me with the possibility of sharing all my knowledge on Transylvania and in the same time it allows me to introduce my guests to old customs, to the magic world of Transylvanian folklore. It’s a great satisfaction for me to be able to create a perfect bound with the group and maintain a perfect atmosphere inside the group.

Technical description
Price & Departure
Special notes & info

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