Transalpina Highway

Experience the thrill of the mountain winding roads and breathtaking views on Romania’s highest mountain road – Transalpina. You will ride your motorcycle to the clouds on one of the most spectacular roads of the Carpathian Mountains.

With its highest point at Urdele Pass (2,145m above sea level), crossing Paring Mountains, the road is one of the most spectacular roads of the Carpathian Mountain Chain and the highest mountain road in Romania.
Making the connection between Transylvania and Oltenia, the road, also called The King's Road by the locals, was built in 1938 under the rule of King Carol II of Romania with an economic, strategic and military purpose and later rebuilt during World War II by German troops.


Left for years in degradation, the pavement disappeared in time, giving the opportunity for some incredible off road motorcycle riding until 2010 when the construction work that begun on the road interfered with the traveling plans of the off road motorcycle enthusiasts.

Today the construction work to the road is almost finished and the official reopening by the authorities was made this summer (unofficially the road has been enjoyed long before this by many adventurous riders). The road is now 90% paved and stands as a dream motorcycle route for every rider. Starting from Sebes up to Novaci, Transalpina covers over 100 kilometers of hairpin curves, after each, the scenery unfolds itself offering incredible views over the mountains. The road is perfectly built, like it was designed to be used as a race track to the clouds and can be explored in about 3 hours riding. The paving of the road didn’t spoil the off road appetite too much, since around the area there are still plenty of tracks to be explored.

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